Thousands of businesses use Comindwork for storing and sharing their data in our cloud. We work hard to keep their data safe and earn their trust.

Where are you Hosted? Is it Secure?

Comindwork is hosted in several geographically distributed, completely independent (we use services from different hosting providers, as well as clouds, like Amazon EC2 cloud) datacenters in USA and EU regions.

All datacenters use advanced measures for redundancy, availability, physical security and continuity, most of them are SAS70 audited and certified:
  • 24x7 monitored guarded locations, including video surveillance
  • strictly enforced security access procedures, ballistic glass enclosed security check-in, security fence surrounding facilities with guard house on premises
  • redundancy on critical components, on-site parts inventory, real-time hardware diagnostics, and immediate replacement
  • temperature control, redundant power supplies, backup network channels
  • advanced fire detection, flood and sejsmic control measures

Industry standard network security policies are applied to open access to the data for customers:
  • 128/256-bit SSL certificates are used to access the system, meaning the interchange of data between your computer and Comindwork cloud is secured
  • network access is limited and firewalled to prevent intrusion and minimize vulnerabilities
  • all latest security patches and updates are applied immediately to all servers

Is that Reliable to Store Data in Comindwork?

We guarantee 99% system uptime. Majority of maintenance works that are still required are done during weekends and non-business time to minimize any influence on system operation. In case of necessity, custom SLA can be signed where additional terms can be specified (default ones can be found in Terms of Service and Privacy Policy documents).

Our infrastructure configuration was designed taking into account assumption that computer resources will fail at some point.
  • redundant copies of data are constantly replicating into geographically distributed regions in multiple datacenters
  • distributed architecture allows replacement of failed resources without noticeable downtime of the service
  • additional daily and weekly snapshots of data are created and stored in very reliable Amazon S3 storage service

In addition, our clients benefit of possibility to:
  • export any data list any time in PDF, CSV or other appropriate formats
  • all files stored in Comindwork are easily exported from the system in convenient archived packages
  • raw XML backups of data are possible in case data migration is required

Comindwork provides additional features to keep your data safe:
  • all removed objects are first placed into Trash area, where they can be restored during 30 days
  • for a limited time, Comindwork support retains the ability to retrieve deleted information from backups created, in case you need to reclaim data already deleted from the Trash
  • we create versions of any modifications of all data in the system, so all previous versions are stored and data can be reverted
  • audit trails are logged for any action that results in data modification, allowing easy control over the data changes

Who Can Access my Data?

We implement strict policies regulating access to your data by our employees:
  • access to the data is granted only to selected employees, who are bound by strict NDAs when they access any customer's data
  • customers data can be accessed only on an as-needed basis, and only when requested and approved by the customer
  • any data access is logged and are constantly reviewed by security management

Comindwork supports a set of features allowing you to control access to your data by your users:
  • passwords expiration policies and password strengths requirements
  • using Single Sign-on with Google Apps
  • additional security with two-factor authentication
  • predefined set of permissions to limit access on different levels
  • enterprise-level fine-grained permissions that allow limiting access to your data on per-field level (like you might limit access to "expenses" field to your client in your Task app)

Please note, if you have any concerns about security measures we take to work with your data, you might decide to use Comindwork Local version that can be setup in your datacenter under your full control.