Your workspaces data is stored in Comindwork cloud, managed by us.
Get started, no credit card required. Good discounts for big teams.

Starter: $300
$15 per premium user, per month
20 premium users,
unlimited FREE users

  • Unlimited workspaces and apps
  • Pay only for active premium users
  • Core features
  • 100 GB storage
  • Weekly backups
  • Standard email support
Start for team


Business: $600
$20 per premium user, per month
30 premium users,
unlimited FREE users

  • Unlimited workspaces and apps
  • Pay only for active premium users
  • Business features
  • 1 TB storage
  • SSL, daily backups
  • Priority email support
Ideal for small business


contact us or call 415-877-4477
30 premium users or more,
unlimited FREE users

  • Unlimited workspaces and apps
  • Pay only for active premium users
  • Enterprise features
  • 10+ TB storage
  • SSL, instant backups
  • Dedicated support: email, phone
Perfect for enterprise


  • Templates for popular workspaces

    Intranet, CRM (sales & marketing team), Client Extranet, project management, customer support and care, issue tracking and more
  • 100+ customizable ready-to-use business apps

    tasks, files, approvals, deals, invoices, tickets, wiki, absences, time tracking, requirements, bugs, issues and more - or create your own
  • Unlimited customization of apps - online, no IT guy required

    new fields, lookups, calculations, rollups, relations, form layouts, lifecycle diagram, preconditions, business rules
  • Customizable views & interactive Gantt Chart

    tree views, grid views, filtering, sorting, grouping, quick search, in-line editing, mass actions
  • Mobile friendly

    optimized for usage on tablets and smart phones (iOS, Android)
  • Fine-grained permissions

    full access control to workspaces, apps, folders, files, tasks or app records
  • Reporting and export

    Pivot table and charts, exporting reports to PDF, Excel
  • Instant search

    across all data records and files, including search inside PDF and MS Office documents
  • Data import

    from MS Project, Excel, CSV, cloud file storages
  • Email parser and notifications

    notifications about updates, ability to create tasks/records by email, reply to email notifications
  • And 300 features more

    trash, hosted webforms, dashboards, reminders, Gmail integration, versioning, audit logs, rich text editor, custom logo and domain...
  • Data encryption

    256-bit SSL data encryption, as in online banks
  • Advanced permissions

    delegated access, custom groups, per-field permissions
  • Multi-workspaces views

    cross-workspace views and reports, usage reports
  • Project portfolio management

    project metrics and KPIs, grouping projects, rollup budgets and costs, customizable project process and attributes
  • Scheduling and resource allocation

    individual work calendars, exceptions tracking, demand management; auto-scheduling on priorities, dependencies, allocations and project priorities
  • Advanced apps customization and triggers

    nested transitions, subscriptions, adding rollups and calculated fields, auto-creation of records/tasks, event-based and time-based triggers
  • Integrations and API

    LDAP (Active Directory), Google Apps - support of multiple domains, unlimited API access

Core Features

Unlimited workspaces

Unlimited workspaces for your organization units (sales team, marketing team, IT, customer support, top-managers) and for project teams (IT projects, service projects for clients, R&D projects).

Unlimited business apps

Business apps are installed into workspaces and provide convenient and unified way to collaborate with your co-workers and clients. You can select from existing ready-to-use apps or customize them to suit your team needs.

Unlimited customization

Comindwork allows full customization upon your requirements changes or team growth. Your team members can develop own apps with easy-to-use drag-and-drop tools, thus sharing business knowledge in the structured manner.

Unlimited FREE users

Premium users are users of your organziation. All external users are "free users". You can invite all your customers, vendors or partners and collaborate with them without additional expense.

Getting Started

  • Step 1: Start your Comindwork account
  • Step 2: Create workspaces you need: Intranet, CRM, new project, customer care or other
  • Step 3: Send invitations to your team: co-workers, clients or partners
  • Step 4: Start collaborating: assign tasks, share files, submit tickets, approve bills and more
  • Step 5: Customize business apps, workspaces and permissions per your requirements


  • What payments do you accept?
    • You can pay with credit card or Paypal. We can send you an invoice to pay by check or wire transfer.
  • Can I switch editions later?
    • Yes, you can start from Starter edition and upgrade to Business or Enterprise editions later - when your team or business grows. You can cancel at any moment.
  • Should I pay for all people in my organization?
    • You pay only for premium users, while the majority of external users (clients, vendors, freelancers) will count as FREE users. They have the same access as premium users but can not manage and configure projects or apps. You can assign any external users with paid "premium" status if you want them to manage your projects or configure apps.
  • Should I pay for inactive users?
    • No, you pay only for active premium users. In case some premium user becomes inactive - we automatically credit your account with unused sums.
  • Should I pay for my clients or partners?
    • No, you should pay only for premium users of your organizations and only for active ones. Clients and partners are free users in Comindwork.
  • Can I get my data from Comindwork?
    • Your data and files are safely stored and instantly backed up. At any moment you can download all your data in the structured format.
  • Is it possible it install Comindwork in my office instead of using it in the cloud?
    • Yes, Comindwork can be installed on your own server and still have all the same 100% functionality, while respecting your organization policies (confidential data sharing, absolute access control, etc). See more details about self-hosted Comindwork.
    • If you already used Comindwork in the cloud - it is possible to migrate all the data onto own server. Any time in the future it is also possible to migrate back to the cloud.
  • Is it difficult to customize workspaces and apps in Comindwork?
    • It is easy. No IT experience is required to build own apps or to customize existing apps in Comindwork.
  • Can you assist in building my apps or performing setup?
    • Yes, Comindwork team can always give you a hand to help with tailoring Comindwork apps for your team unique requirements. We also have many ready-to-use templates to start from.